Best Kept Secret Hot Springs! Vol. 4: Ryūjin Onsen, Kamigoten Ryokan.

There are believed to be as many as 27,000 natural hot springs in Japan, yet no two onsen are exactly the same. Each has its own unique combination of water temperature, flow and mineral components. With such a great variety to choose from, Japan’s hot spring resorts range from enormously famous spots attracting hordes of visitors, to rustic affairs visited only by those in the know.
Japan’s harder-to-reach hot springs are also known as “hitou”, or “secret hot springs”. While some of these are authentically hidden in the sense that they are off the grid and you literally have to climb a mountain to get to them, others have modernised along with the rest of the world and many have become relatively easy to access.
In this series we introduce Japan’s finest “secret hot springs” where visitors of all ages can relax and enjoy nature’s blessings.