Thoughts on the Arts. A Conversation with Living National Treasure, Bandō Tamasaburō.

Onnagata, male actors who perform female roles, have been an important aspect of Japan’s kabuki theatre tradition for hundreds of years. Over the course of his long and illustrious career, leading onnagata performer, Bandō Tamasaburō, has held audiences spellbound with his outstanding acting, his beauty, and his convincing depiction of facets of feminine nature.

Actor and director, Kenshow Yamamoto, a former apprentice of Bandō Tamasaburō, talks to the renowned kabuki luminary. Bandō Tamasaburō shares his thoughts on a wide range of topics, from his early childhood to his musings on the theatre, literature, human relationships, and dedication to the Arts.

Below are the translated words of Bandō Tamasaburō, adapted for English-speaking readers.